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The Nashville Civic Brigade provides citizens an opportunity to do what is most quintessentially Tennessean: roll up our sleeves, get involved and work together to improve our community. Data geeks, software developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and other volunteers partner to build new solutions using publicly-released data and code. We work in partnership with local government agencies and meet once a month to learn more about local civic hacking.


The Nashville Civic Brigade was formed after local developers celebrated the National Day of Civic Hacking sponsored by the White House and Code for America on June 1st through 2nd, 2013. The local two-day hackathon produced over half a dozen civic projects, some in partnership with the Nashville Metro Human Relations Commission. With so much community interest and even more potential for the future, the Brigade went forward with the intention of cultivating stronger relationships with government partners, building the public and private infrastructure necessary to enable civic hacking projects to thrive, and providing support and fellowship for local civic hackers.


Open data and application development are elements of the philosophy of open government which seeks to encourage transparency, accountability, and efficiency in our representative institutions. Civic hacking can support these values by giving citizens better access to information about their government, better communication with their representatives and other public servants, and improved services through the application of data-driven approaches to civic problems and opportunities. We live in an era of unprecedented technological change which has its own drawbacks and benefits. Civic hackers seek to make our government work in the best possible way for its citizens through technology.

Presentation on worldwide civic hacking by the Sunlight Foundation


Our meetings take place on the last Thursday of the month from 6pm to 8pm. Detailed announcements can be found on Meetup, the Google Group, Twitter, and the Nashville Code Community Calendar. Further discussion is welcome at any time on the Google Group or #nashbrigade on freenode.


We meet in Room 208 of the Hitch Science Building on the Belmont University campus. Detailed directions may be found in meeting announcements on the aforementioned channels.

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